A seasoned cybersecurity executive with an eye for trouble...

Over 29 years of information security and assurance experience to help drive your organization safely into the future

"I can't say enough good things about Glenn's security knowledge. It's like having a hacker on your side..." - TG

Read any newspaper, read any news website and soon you’ll see “Hacker’s break in and steal data!”. The game has changed and our response to these threats must incorporate foundational knowledge with an ability to pivot and dynamically respond to the emerging threat landscape. -Glenn

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Everything is fair game to a hacker...

Securing the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of data is more important than ever before. Hackers don’t wait for “after hours” or skip holidays, they don’t play nice and we can’t play nice either. We must use everything in our arsenal to continuously monitor and test for threats. 

Find and stop advanced attacks for your business.

My focus in cybersecurity has always been fundamentals first. How do we protect data? The first step is to understand the “Crown Jewels” of the organization; What are the crown jewels and who owns them? Next we want to understand the risks to the crown jewels and lastly the control capabilities to mitigate the threats. It’s not easy but it’s much easier than standing in front of a microphone and saying “We were the victims of a very sophisticated attack…”


Where are our Crown Jewels?

The most crucial but often overlooked step in securing information is understanding the crown jewels. What are they? Who “owns” them? Where are they stored?


Who wants to steal them?

This step is focused on hackers, natural disasters or accidental disclosures. Understand how the crown jewels could be lost, write down everything you can think of and talk through each scenario to understand the risks. 


How do we stop them?

Begin this step by understanding what current capabilities address the identified risk scenarios as they relate to the crown jewels, and only the crown jewels. Don’t waste money protecting the memo about last week’s pizza luncheon! 

About Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson is a seasoned senior executive with over 29 years of deep practical experience in leading teams to success in; Cybersecurity, Information Security and Privacy, Data Protection, Data Loss Prevention and Data Lifecycle assessments and solutions. He has assisted some of the world’s largest organizations to reduce risk by managing cyber and the data lifecycle more effectively. He is skilled at combining deep technical knowledge with the ability to translate complex technical issues into plain English for executives and other decision makers in the enterprise.  Mr. Wilson was the CEO of an information security consulting firm for 20 years prior to joining Deloitte. He spent over a decade building a cyber assurance practice, serving hundreds of clients across all industries.


Attacks come from all directions, be ready...

This is challenging stuff. Building the right cyber security and assurance program takes time, investment and dedication. My success has come from breaking down each task into easy to understand implementation areas and dedicating resources to those areas in order of importance. If it isn’t simple and easy to digest, it won’t be done…or at least it won’t be done well.